Charlie Hebdo God “The Assassin Is Still At Large” Cover

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When someone shouts out “God is great!” while killing others, it’s not the statement that offends me. My sympathy is with the poor bastard whose brains have been splashed on the wall of their office, and the people at the Jewish deli who were shot for buying groceries there. So much has happened, it hardly feels like the first anniversary of the terrorist Charlie Hebdo murders.

People do not want you to point out that others praise God as they blow themselves to paradise. Let the blood stain the corpses, but do not notice the splashback upon God, His word, or the religion of many peace loving followers. Either we accept people can have the God Delusion so bad they will kill men, women and children and claim it inspired by the will of the Almighty, or religion naturally inspires a fundamentalism which will kill as a means justified by…

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